Young Ravenshead people helping the elderly

Two Ravenshead teenagers are planning to run a race to raise funds to help senior citizens.

Frances and Harry Dalton have signed up to compete in the Cardiff Half Marathon in October and are looking for sponsors. The teenagers live in Ravenshead, where the Cornwater Club for older people meets four times a week. Frances, (19), has recently finished her first year at Cardiff University, where she is studying medical engineering. Her brother Harry (17), is a pupil at Nottingham High School and wants to specialize in economics.

As well as being community-minded young people, they have a particular interest in the Cornwater Club. Their grandma is a member and they have already given support by doing volunteer work at the club’s charity shop in Mansfield as part of their Duke of Edinburgh Awards.

The siblings are jogging regularly together to train for the 13.1 mile (20.1 km) race. They have achieved around 1 hour 45 minutes for the distance but both want to reduce the time in the actual race. The club management has provided specially designed tee-shirts for the two runners

Frances and Harry Dalton are appealing to the residents of Ravenshead and the neighbouring communities served by the Cornwater Club to sponsor them. The club, which depends entirely on charity for its survival, provides activities and stimulation to dozens of older people in the locality. “We’re delighted that these two young people are supporting the club in this way”, Chairman Peter Rose said, “ and especially as they’re aiming to involve members of the community”.

Sponsorship forms and details of how to donate on-line are available from Cornwater Club vice-chairman Ron Walker, 01623 456389,