Young people urged to consider apprenticeships over university

A South Normanton apprenticeship provider is encouraging young people to look closely at the benefits of work-based learning in 2014.

Positive Outcomes has said fresh figures from the Office of National Statistics show graduates are more likely to earn less than apprentices.

The figures show that tens of thousands of university graduates are earning less than their peers who have chosen the apprenticeship route, despite accumulating higher debts.

As an apprenticeship provider, Positive Outcomes, offers an extensive range of apprenticeships for young people aged 16-23, from IT and retail to management and customer services.

Chris Longmate, CEO of Positive Outcomes, said the appeal of apprenticeships as an option for young people is clear.

He said: “Our apprenticeships can provide a smooth route into employment with nine out of ten of our apprenticeships leading to a permanent position with the same employer. With a university degree young people are worried about the debt they will accrue and how employable they will be after they’ve completed their course.

“On completion of the apprenticeship, young people have gained a recognised qualification and are able to add that all-important 12 months full time employment to their CV, something many graduates won’t have but employers are looking for when recruiting.

“There is an ongoing debate around whether degrees are worth the amount of debt they result in – but with an apprenticeship this isn’t a concern.

“At Positive Outcomes we provide a wide range of apprenticeships and we’d encourage young people who are undecided about university to have a look at what we offer on our website before they make big decisions about their future.”

Apprentices who are found placements by Positive Outcomes can gain qualifications within the sector of their choice at the same time as earning a wage.

The new figures also showed that low-earning graduates are more likely to find themselves in part-time jobs.

Positive Outcomes provides apprenticeships in sectors such as IT, Business Administration, Customer Services, Sales, Warehousing & Storage, Retail and Estate Agency.

The head office of Positive Outcomes is located at The Village Business Park by Junction 28 of the M1.

For more information about the apprenticeships offered by Positive Outcomes, go to