Young driver died ‘almost instantly’ after smashing into a lorry, inquest hears

Police accident
Police accident

A young motorist died almost instantly from brain injuries after smashing into an oncoming lorry, an inquest was told.

Alex James Saxby, of Sanderling Way, Forest Town, veered across the carriageway and into the path of the HGV on the A614.

He suffered “catastrophic head injuries” on impact, said Nottinghamshire coroner Mairin Casey.

The inquest was told that the 21 year-old had been travelling southbound on the Blyth Road at 1.20am on July 8 of this year.

He had just crossed a mini roundabout when he inexplicably veered into the path of the lorry.

He was pronounced dead at the scene and his family were able to identify his body through a distinctive tattoo he had.

His family did not attend the inquest, but speaking of Alex’s injuries, Ms Casey said: “They were so catastrophic that I hope the family will take solace that the injuries would have rendered him immediately unconscious and he would have died within seconds.”

Toxicology reports found no traces of alcohol of drugs in his system and there was no evidence that he fell asleep at the wheel.

Giving evidence, forensic collision inspector, Pc Peter Paynton, said tyre marks at the scene indicated that the lorry driver had slammed on his brakes and did his best to swerve out of the way. The lorry had also been travelling well within the speed limit.

Both Alex’s Ford Fiesta and the lorry had both been found to be roadworthy and did not contribute to the crash, while the weather conditions were found to be fine. Pc Paynton said there was little the lorry driver could have done to avoid hitting the Fiesta.

Concluding that Alex died in a road traffic collision, Ms Casey said there was no explanation as to why he veered into the path of the lorry, saying it could have been caused by an animal crossing the road or a distraction in his vehicle, perhaps something as simple as sneezing.

She added: “The sad reality is that in some cases we may never know, and this appears to be one.”