You know you’re from Mansfield when...

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So, you say you’re from Mansfield. But are you really?

Here are 10 things that may go some way to prove that you’re an NG18 national.

1) You eat dinner and tea, and you think people are posh who say lunch and dinner.

2) You’re really a Forest fan, but when Mansfield Town seem to be doing okay, you’re a proud Stag.

3) You refuse steadfast to call Field Mill ‘The One Call Stadium’.

4) You had a birthday party as a kid at Superbowl, and tell people ‘the place hasn’t changed’ when you take your own kids there. In fairness, it’s now finally undergoing a major refurbishment.

5) Bread rolls, bread cakes and bread buns are banned. It’s cobs for goodness sake! Accept no imitations.

6) Mussels and mushy peas is an acceptable meal. The hot food van on Market Place suggests so.

7) You kick-off when people from around the country tell you that Center Parcs is in Nottingham. Also, you’ve driven past it millions of times, but have never actually been in.

8) Rainworth and Blidworth is pronounced ‘Reneth and ‘Blideth’. Why can’t people just see that, it’s obvious isn’t it? Oh, and Woodhouse is actually ‘Woodus’.

9) Derbyshire may as well be a different country. Hell will freeze over before you consider going to Chesterfield. If you do ever go, you keep your wits about you.

10) You slag Mansfield off endlessly, but defend it to the hilt when any outsiders dare to criticise your home town.