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NMAC11-1059-1'Becky and Gary Doxey with son Jacob.
NMAC11-1059-1'Becky and Gary Doxey with son Jacob.
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A group of caring bank staff will step out next month on a sponsored charity walk in support of one of their colleagues - and their bosses have given them the day off and promised to double their fundraising efforts.

Staff at the NatWest will be walking through the Peak District to raise funds for Down’s Syndrome Derby and hope to encourage as many other workers as possible to join them.

Their efforts are in support of Becky Doxey, branch business manager for NatWest Mansfield. In February she gave birth Jacob, who was later diagnosed as Down’s Syndrome, and together with her partner Gary, the family has already benefitted from the charity’s work.

Becky, who had been told she was low risk during her pregnancy, said: “After Jacob was born we got in touch with representatives from the Down’s Syndrome Association and arranged a meeting. That first two- hour meeting changed our lives forever.

“The pre-determined ideas we had were washed away and a different picture was painted. Jacob could be the child that we wanted and planned for, with a few differences, but our hopes and aims for our child could still be met.”

The Business team who had worked alongside Becky at Mansfield then organised the 12-mile walk, for 18th May, and other NatWest staff are now joining in to raise funds for the Down’s Syndrome charity.

One of them, Shirebrook branch manager Dan Wright said: “If I had not known Becky I would have found her story extremely moving, but seeing the excitement that preceded her maternity leave and to see what then transpired after giving birth to Jacob; Becky’s story has really pulled at the heartstrings of all the staff within the area, myself included . . . her story has become personal to us all.

“On hearing of the walk I wanted to get involved and requested a day’s leave for myself and a colleague to take part as NatWest actively encourages everyone to take up the opportunity of a day’s paid leave each year to spend volunteering with a charitable organisation or local project of their choice.

“Senior branch manager Darren Fretwell was happy to support this and suggested that we throw more efforts at the walk.

“With this commitment in mind we want to encourage as many staff as possible to support the walk.

“Any member of staff who manages to fundraise £250 can apply for a community cashback award of £250 from NatWest.

“The community cashback award scheme is designed to help all employees support the causes that matter most to them, and this matters to a lot of staff.

l Down’s Syndrome Derby, a registered charity affiliated with the National Down’s Syndrome Association, has been supporting people with Down’s Syndrome for nearly 20 years.

For more information, contact 01332 840817 or go to

l Pictured, right, are Gary and Becky Doxey with little Jacob, whose birth has inspired the fundraising by Becky’s NatWest colleagues.