Yobs in vandal attack at Brierley Forest Park

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BRIERLEY Forest Park in Huthwaite has once again become the target of mindless vandals who have smashed a bird box and stolen a camera.

Chad reported a fortnight ago how yobs had smashed up two bird boxes at the back of the volunteer-run visitor centre in the early hours of 14th April.

One of the bird boxes contained a camera which allows people to see the birds nesting.

But between 6-9pm on Saturday, there was a near-identical attack which saw the bird box smashed and the camera stolen.

The incidents follow other attacks earlier this year in February and March when there was a break-in and a number of attempted break-ins.

Now Ashfield District Council’s Community Protection Officers (CPOs) are stepping up patrols of the area - and they are calling on the public to help snare the cuplrits.

CPO Charlie Edwards said: “I believe it is more or less the same as last time.

“The bird box at the back of the visitor centre has been completely smashed off and the camera from inside it, which allows people to see the birds, has been taken.

“The patrols have gone up so we can be there at the times we believe it is happening.”

Despite the incidents, Roger Morton, who is director of the Brierley Forest Park Trust, yesterday said that the incidents were ‘disheartening’ but they were not putting people off visiting the picturesque park.

He said: “For this part of Sutton Brierley Forest Park is the best thing to happen in years. It is probably just two or three teenagers or young adults who are doing this.”

But he questioned whether a recent dispersal order in the centre of Huthwaite, which gives police the power to move on trouble makers, had led to the vandals causing problems at the park instead.

Anyone who sees anything suspicious should contact the police on 999 in an emergency or on 101. Alternatively, call CPO Edwards on 07778534853.