Worried dog lovers are still appealing for sightings of Buster the terrified Romanian rescue dog in Ashfield

Buster the Romnanian dog missing in Huthwaite area
Buster the Romnanian dog missing in Huthwaite area

Worried dog lovers have urged the people of Ashfield to help them find a terrified pooch who has been missing for two weeks.

A whole community is on the lookout for Buster, a terrified Romanian rescue dog who is hiding out in the Huthwaite area.

Buster, a three-year-old long haired cross breed, was en-route from Romania to the 4 Paws rescue kennels in Lincoln when he managed to escape from the transport vehicle when it stopped at Tibshelf services.

Jodie Fairbrother of 4 Paws, said:

“Things seem to have gone rather quiet on the sightings of Buster.

“This is quite a worry.

“Without being able to plot the times and dates of every sighting we stand very little chance of being able to help him.

“Please pop one of the dogs lost posters on your garden gate and in your car window, up at the local shop or anywhere you can think of.

“Not everyone uses Facebook so we could be losing valuable sightings.

“When I was up at the weekend I only found two posters up.

“I spoke to three people who had not heard about him as they don’t use Facebook.

“We added another 20 posters to this, but unfortunately I can’t come up every weekend so please help how you can.”

You can follow the latest news on Busterand report sightings and download a window poster at https://m.facebook.com/Help-for-Buster-138935526512196/

Jodie added: “We are trying to pull everyone together to find Buster. He is really nervous and I want to emphasise he poses no threat to anybody.

“Please don’t try to catch him - he will just run away

“We need spotters who can contact us and tell us when and where they have seen him.

So far we have had reports of him being seen in the Columbia Street and Mill Lane area of Huthwaite.

“The latest sightings are now more towards the area of the golf course

“What we need is for people to tell us when and where they saw him .

“Then we can put down some tinned meat in those areas.

“When he trusts this is his regular food source over a three or four day period we can put a trap down to catch him so he doesn’t get hurt.”

Buster was being taken to Kelly’s rescue centre in Norfolk, who specialise in rehabilitating nervous dogs for adoption, when he escaped.

He has been legally checked and poses no risk, says Jodie.

She added: “Buster had a terrible time in Romania where he was rescued.

“Street dogs are very clever and he will only come out between around 9pm to 6am as he is terrified of people.

“We know from experience these dogs will settle in a radius of about a mile, so hopefully he will be easy to spot and we can rescue him.”

Buster escaped last Thursday and had still evaded capture as Chad went to press on Tuesday.

Jodie explained: “We have to do regular stops from Romania to the UK for welfare checks and to make sure the dogs are OK in transit.

“The pen Buster was in was being cleaned at the service station. Buster was frightened by a noise, saw daylight through the side door and bolted.”

Anyone who sees Buster, contact Jodie on 07878136153 or Helen on 07875505308.