Workshop teaches kids how healthy food can be fun and tasty

Food that is good for you can be fun and tasty. That was the message preached to youngsters at a school in Mansfield when it hosted a healthy-eating workshop.

Tuesday, 22nd November 2016, 11:35 am
Updated Tuesday, 22nd November 2016, 1:06 pm
HOORAY FOR HEALTHY FOOD! -- children at Wainwright Primary Academy who took part in the workshop.
HOORAY FOR HEALTHY FOOD! -- children at Wainwright Primary Academy who took part in the workshop.

Well-known bakery company Warburtons took the workshop into Wainwright Primary Academy to deliver sessions to about 50 children in year two.

And Warburtons’ school visitor, Claire Stephens, said she was delighted by the response. “Getting the word across about the benefits of healthy eating at a young age is so important,” said Claire.

“I hope the children continue to explore new foods, and will share their new-found knowledge with family and friends for years to come.”

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The youngsters were taught about the health benefits of bread and the important of trying new, healthy foods through a hands-on sandwich-making workshop.

They were given the chance to try new flavours, including a wide variety of salad and leaves before making -- and eating -- their own healthy wraps.

The workshop was designed to help children learn that preparing and eating healthily can be enjoyable. It also covered the importance of good hygiene, together with wearing appropriate clothes, such as aprons, hairnets and gloves, when preparing food.

Natalie Haycock, a teacher at the Harrop White Road school, said: “Our pupils had a great time learning about healthy eating. Many commented on how they had never tried spinach, peppers or even lettuce before but now they really enjoyed the flavours.

“The children all said they would encourage their families to try different, healthy food, and the lessons learned from the workshop will support their onward education about how to make better choices with food in the future.”

At the end of the lessons, all the pupils received a certificate to recognise their participation in the workshop. They were also treated to a goody-bag from Warburtons, containing wraps and bread, together with a workbook full of ideas and recipes for healthy sandwiches, wraps and snacks.

Warburtons, which dates back to 1870, is the largest family-owned bakery business in the country and employs 4,500 people across 12 bakeries and 14 depots.