Worker stole from Clipstone family

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A trusted employee stole at least £1,000 from the private accommodation above a shop in Clipstone where he worked, a court was told.

Danny Clarke (21) spent 50 days in custody on remand before being sentenced to 150 hours’ unpaid work for the community on Friday.

Clarke had been treated like one of the family which ran the Pit Stop on Mansfield Road, Nottingham Crown Court was told.

A spokesman for the family told the police: ‘We trusted him. I’m shocked and hurt because he was treated like a family member.

“He was treated like a son then goes and does that.’

Clarke, of Greendale Crescent, Clipstone, admitted burglary.

He was employed occasionally by the Singh family who had known him for a long time, the court was told.

On 21st February the family went into Nottingham. They returned to find cash, possibly up to £1,500, missing from drawers in a bedroom, said Robbie Singh, prosecuting.

CCTV showed Clarke entering the private quarters upstairs.

The family went to see him and offered not to involve the police if he handed the money back.

He denied having it but within an hour phoned to admit taking it.

He handed over £500, saying he had taken £1,000 in all and spent some of it.

However, he later gave back another £300, then a further £200 after his car keys were taken off him.

The court heard he was on prison licence at the time after serving a short custodial term for house burglary and drink driving.

His barrister Adrian Reynolds accepted it was a ‘mean and despicable’ offence, but added that the money had since been repaid.