Work together to improve our lives


Once again I open the Chad to read of a politician slagging off other politicians over the troubles facing Mansfield town centre - the subject of more browny point scoring than any other local issue.

The truth being that we have suffered for years from inward thinking, snail moving, small ambition from all sides, who have treated the place so negligently. The towns motto ought to be ‘large town, tiny aspirations’.

Have these politicians ever considered stopping thumbing their noses and attempting to work together to achieve a greater good for the town, as is expected of them? Have they got any ambitious thinkers amongst them who are willing to think outside of the box for a solution instead of arming themselves with more brickbats?

For instance, do they understand that together with Sutton and Kirkby, there is a population of 170,000 on the doorstep, hungry to be served with facilities they deserve? And that smack in the middle of this extended population centre (that is like one larger town anyway) is a plot of land on the south side of King’s Mill reservoir, that has been stood yawning for years. A perfect place for Mansfield & Ashfield councils to get their heads together and formulate a plan for a brand new custom made town centre to serve all three communities for generations to come.

Infrastructure is in place with the Marr Road past the Prologis Park and the A38. The Robin Hood line goes straight through the area too.

The current 3 failing town centres could be sold off to developers for much needed brown field housing (and therefore saving the need to build other controversial green field plans) and developers and architects could be invited to design and plan a new modern centre fitting a 170,000 population as a blueprint for similar future developments: with customer made shopping, leisure, office, city living and urban open spaces that the people of Mansfield & Ashfield deserve; set between a pleasant backdrop of the waterside of Kings Mill, up towards up Sherwood Way towards Cauldwell wood.

The costs and benefits could be shared equally between the two councils; or just combine them both together - why on earth do we need two?

I’m pretty sure that this opinion will be slapped down as pure fantasy, but I dare these under-performing politicians, and parties, to just stop and think for one minute, actually serve us, work together and come up with a viable plan, instead of the all too easy option of pointing the finger. It’s the reason that few constituents like or respect you.

Mark England

Via email