Work on Derby Road shop didn’t have planning permission

COUNCIL planners have advised a shop owner to stop building work on his Kirkby premises because he does not have permission for all the work being carried out.

Construction work has been taking place at Midfield Stores, on Derby Road for many months after the owners secured permission to build an extension to the building.

But after a site visit by Ashfield District Council’s planning department, it was found that additional work that does not have permission was also being carried out.

A spokesman from the council said: “The council is aware of the extension which is under construction at Midfield Stores.

“Part of the development has received planning approval, however, there has been additional unauthorised building works that are not in accordance with the original planning approval granted for the premise.

“The authority advised the owners to cease all unauthorised work and submit an additional planning application.

“The additional planning application has been received and is pending a decision.

“Depending on the outcome of the current application, the council will consider if further action is deemed necessary.”

Neighbours, who did not want to be named, told Chad that they became concerned that the extension was not following the agreed plans a couple of months ago.

One said that she thinks the council should have acted more quickly to stop the building work.

“Everyone round here is up in arms,” she said.

Another neighbour said that she also thought the council should have stopped the building work earlier and added that the property has become ‘over developed’.

Shop owner Kumar said that the work the builders have done has planning permission and that they are now waiting on the decision of the new planning application before they continue with the development.