Women warned after Gainsborough assualt

Women in Gainsborough are being warned to take care after a young woman was accosted by a stranger.

Gainsborough CID are investigating the incident, which took place just after midnight in the village of Scotter yesterday (October 14).

A 20-year-old Gainsborough woman was getting something out of the boot when a man grabbed her from the elbow from behind.

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She managed to pull away from the person and the offender ran off into the village.

The woman was not injured, but was shaken up by the experience.

A spokesman for Lincolnshire Police said: “Whilst we do not know what motivated the man to behave in this way his actions are of concern.

“Until he is identified women living and travelling in and around the area should be aware of the situation and take some common sense precautions.

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“These include, where possible, not walking or travelling alone, particularly during the hours of darkness and using well-lit streets and avoiding shortcuts via alleyways and passages.

“They should also tell friends and family members where they are going and what time they are expected to arrive.”

The woman had seen the man prior to the incident and noticed he was wearing dark clothing and a hoodie walking on along the street near her home.

Police are looking to trace and interview the man, and are asking for anybody with information to contact them on 101.

Officers are also in touch with Humberside Police as there was a similar incident in Messingham recently - but they have so far been unable to connect the incidents.