Woman reprimanded for staging protest in Notts village

Police have moved on a woman for blocking a road as she staged a protest against lorries in Huthwaite.

Friday, 20th January 2017, 9:45 am
Updated Friday, 20th January 2017, 10:42 am
A car blocks Leedale lorries in Huthwaite as one woman starts a lone protest.

This is the third protest against a development at Brierley Park Golf Course residents are outraged by developers trawling much through the village as they come off and on the site.

After promises that more action would be taken to reduce muddy roads, protesters claim nothing has changed.

After bad feeling re-emerged, sources say a woman decided on an impromptu protest to block the entrance to the site with her car earlier today, January 18.

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Leedale drivers park up on the road after a protester blocked their path onto Brierley Forest Golf Course

Nottinghamshire Police said there was no arrest and the situation was 'resolved peacefully' at the scene.

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Muddy-water-gate prompts protest in Notts villageVIDEO Residents plagued by mud and noiseGolf club plans to remodel course with 250,000 tonnes of earthCouncillor Lee Anderson said he has set up meetings with Golf Club owner, Leedale, ADC and the County Councillor to discuss the problems.

He added: "At a time when the residents of Huthwaite are concerned about the lack of police presence on their streets, the local police see fit to send a Riot Van to arrest an elderly lifelong Huthwaite lady who is fed up to the back teeth of the golf club owner running roughshod over the decent people of Huthwaite."

Leedale drivers park up on the road after a protester blocked their path onto Brierley Forest Golf Course

Resident Michael Browning said: "The road is not fit to drive on - you need off road quad bike not a car."

Martin Connellan said: "Nice to see my taxes get spent arresting people like (the protester) rather than on stopping true crime."

In an online poll of over 100 people, 93 per cent said they had seen no change in the amount of mud accumulating in the village and that 'Mudgate is continuing'. The other seven per cent said the golf course and developers were doing a good job keeping the village clean.

Pressure was applied by both the Labour party and Ashfield Independents, owners of Brierley Forest Golf Course said they would increase wheel washing and street sweeping to tidy up after the convoy of lorries driving on and off the site for a project.

One resident took pictures on Main Street before and after a street cleaner tidied up after a lorry - and said it made no impact whatsoever.

This is the second time residents have been up in arms about a project at the Golf course dragging mud through the village. A previous project prompted a similar response in 2013.