Woman drunk in court asked to be jailed

Mansfield Magistrates Court
Mansfield Magistrates Court

A woman who appeared in court drunk and pleaded to be taken to jail was not granted her wish after being handed a community order.

Joanne Louise Taylor was slurring her speech as she was brought before magistrates in Mansfield to answer a charge of assault.

It was heard that the 27-year-old, of Stamper Close, Sutton, had made a nuisance of herself at Mansfield Bus Station on December 11.

She had shoved a man as she was drunk and being aggressive to people at the station.

She was arrested and taken in for questioning but refused to talk to the police.

However, Taylor did admit the charge of assault during the hearing.

Mitigating, Finbarr Hennessy said his client had a drink problem and said to the magistrates: “You can sense she has had a drink before coming to court.

“From a security aspect, I don’t want her to be in court for any length of time.

“The victim did not fall over and there were no injuries, and she can’t remember anything so has to accept the situation.”

Taylor was visibly swaying in her chair and kept interrupting proceedings saying: “I want to go to jail.”

Mr Hennessy said that she had been to prison before but added: “I don’t think that’s the answer, she needs to sort her problems first.”

Despite a probation report insisting that Taylor would refuse to comply with an community order, she was handed a six-month order and made to pay £50 compensation to the victim.

As she left the court room she shouted: “I ain’t paying that, there’s no hope.”