Woman couldn’t believe the ‘ridiculous’ way her Amazon package was delivered

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A woman from Mansfield Woodhouse couldn’t believe it when her Amazon order arrived with part of her item sticking out of the box and damaged.

Maria Fisher-Gibson, 52, had ordered a pool cue and pool rest for someone she cares for in the community as a Christmas present and she was surprised to see it was delivered in a large cardboard box with the top of the cue sticking out which had caused it to get damaged.

Maria said: “I ordered it for someone I care for in the community as a Christmas present. I invested my time and effort and ordered one from Amazon expecting it to turn up at some point.

“It turned up in a 4ft by 2ft box with the tip of the cue sticking out and smashed.

“I found it funny because it was so ridiculous.

“But now we are in the Christmas build up I am wondering how many more innapropriate packaging there will be.

“The box was so big I don’t know how I was expected to get rid of it.

“It would have been better to have wrapped it in bubble wrap and brown paper as it would have been safer and it would have arrived in one piece.

“I told them I was not accepting it and they took it back immediately and the are redelivering it but I am assuming the packaging will be the same.

“I was hysterical with laughter.

“I can’t get my head around it. It’s ridiculous.”

Amazon UK said it was unable to comment on individual cases.