Windmills won’t work

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The application for the new wind turbine at Blidworth should be refused, as should each and every future application for any form of renewable energy scheme including solar, until such times as they are proven to be efficient enough to be self financing.

Not a penny more of taxpayer subsidy should be poured into the absurdity that is uneconomic renewable energy.

The real problem of course being that the whole renewable energy industry is built on a false premise; that these schemes will help to slow the rate of climate change, but they will not. I am always bemused by the reasons that are put forward to support these applications, which are designed to give the impression that the developers have some high moral purpose in fulfilling some kind of public need, when really the only reason the developers wish to develop any of these schemes is for profit, plain and simple.

The renewable industry is the nearest thing to printing money after the Royal Mint, and with no discernable benefit to the country.

There is not a wind farm that has ever been developed that has negated the need for a single kilowatt of conventional power generation capacity.

If the wind doesn’t blow they produce no power.

If the wind blows too hard they produce no power, so whatever the prevailing weather conditions the owners will be paid huge sums of taxpayers cash regardless of performance, so if you were in business why wouldn’t you want to develop?

I doubt whether there can be a person in the country who actually believes that our unilateral policy of destroying our generation capacity to reduce CO2 emissions can affect the climate one iota.

Successive governments have in fact failed the country and continue to do so, by their lack of any form of coherent energy policy they have sacrificed both our future prosperity and living standards on the altar of political cowardice just as a sop to the green lobby, whilst the rest of the major economies of the world, particularly emerging economies such as China, India and Brazil continue to pollute with impunity.

Even if you believe CO2 emissions are changing the climate, we as a country produce less than 2% of the world’s greenhouse gases and therefore anything that we do as a country can be nothing more than a futile gesture until the major industrial polluters of the world decide to change their ways, and I won’t hold my breath on that one. We desperately need to construct viable long term generating capacity that will work regardless of the weather, and windmills, no matter how sophisticated, will never be able to do that.

Barry Martin

Forest Town