Wind farms: Amazing stupidity

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Thank goodness more people are catching on to the nonsense of offshore and onshore windfarms (Letters January 8)

Another aspect to the stupidity of this and previous governments is the system being put in place for when the wind doesn’t blow.

Many companies are installing Diesel Generators under a system named STOR.

They are available as emergency backup in case of high demand.

The companies are paid £20,000 per megawatt per annum even if the generators are never used and then about £150 per megawatt if they are called into use.

This is a direct result of the closure of our efficient coal fired stations which produce power at about £35 per megawatt.

The sheer stupidity of our elected masters cannot be exaggerated as diesel engines are the one of the most polluting methods of generating power.

Any use of these engines will negate any pollution savings from wind power which costs vastly more.

You couldn’t make it up.

Ian Wragg