Win big in charity lottery

Mayor Kate Allsop
Mayor Kate Allsop

One of the first ever tickets for the new Robin Hood Lottery for charities has been bought by Mansfield’s mayor, as the lotto goes live.

Mayor Kate Allsop signed up to the lottery to purchase one of the tickets for Mansfield’s very own lottery yesterday, Tuesday, March 27.

Mansfield District Council established the lottery to support good causes that deliver a direct benefit to residents across the district.

60p from every one pound ticket sold goes to charities, voluntary groups and support services which have registered to the charity lottery.

More than 30 local good causes have signed up so far to benefit from the ticket proceeds, including the John Eastwood Hospice Trust, Mansfield District Corps of Drums, Warsop and District U3A and Ladybrook Community 

Among the causes which have signed up are the anti-drug education programme DARE which was inspired by a similar scheme in Mansfield’s ‘sister city’ Mansfield, Ohio, in the USA.

Mrs Allsop said: “I am delighted to be purchasing my first ticket for the Robin Hood Lottery.

“I have chosen to support the Robin Hood Community Fund so that local groups can apply for funding via the council’s grant in aid process.

“I know that my 60p will be well spent in the community.”

The online lottery has a maximum prize draw of £25,000 and a range of smaller prizes including tickets and cash prizes from £250 to £2,000.

The chance of winning the local lottery top prize is one in a million.

Players can select a good cause to play for and 50p of the £1 ticket goes straight to that organisation, while a further 10p is directed to the Robin Hood Good Causes fund. A further 20p is collected by Gatherwell, the External Lottery Company appointed by the council to manage the lottery on their behalf.

The final 20p goes towards the prize fund.

The first prize draw will take place on Saturday, April 28, with a weekly draw thereafter.

The lottery scheme was launched at an event in February where charities and groups who help in the district got the chance to apply to receive funding from the lottery.

Tickets are available online at and cost just £1.