Will THIS prevent you getting a parking fine?

Fixed penalty notice / Parking ticket
Fixed penalty notice / Parking ticket

New laws giving drivers a ten minute grace period in council-owned car parks before getting fined won’t help local motorists - as they already get the extra time, council bosses say.

The Government announced the change which will give motorists leeway to avoid the dreaded yellow fine - which will take effect later this month.

Restrictions on the use of CCTV cars issuing automatic fines will also be enforced.

According to figures from the RAC Foundation, councils in England made a combined surplus of £667 million from their on and off-street parking operations in 2013-14.

By law, any surplus councils make from parking fees must be ploughed back into transport projects such as road improvements.

But Mansfield and Ashfield District Council said they already gave drivers a grace period.

“All authorities within the Notts Parking Partnership, which consists of the county council and seven district and borough councils, already allow grace periods of between five and 10 minutes when free or paid-for parking has expired,” said Gareth Johnson central processing unit and enforcement manager.

“The announcement simply exonerates our good practice and ensures it is applied consistently nationwide.

“The purpose of parking enforcement is not to raise money for councils.

“Its aim is to reduce congestion, improve road safety, make greater availability of parking spaces for shoppers and ensure that spaces for drivers with disabilities and local residents are used by the right people.

“All the money raised from penalty charge notices is used to pay for the costs of providing the service. Once these costs are met, by law any money left over must be spent on improving transport-related facilities for everyone.

“This could include better parking facilities, better signage, improved public transport or more facilities for pedestrians and cyclists,” he added.