Wildlife fears at Sutton Lawn

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TWO Kirkby wildlife experts have raised concerns about the welfare of ducks and swans at Sutton Lawn after three were rescued in just one week.

Wendy Radford and Phil Else, who run Cedar Wildlife Sanctuary, were alerted to the first incident on the weekend of 13th/14th August when a duck was found after being shot with a pellet gun.

Phil said: “After talking to one of the water bailiffs, we found out that the duck had been shot by children with a ball bearing gun.”

Four days later, a male swan - known affectionately as Cobby - had to undergo emergency surgery to remove a fishing line, weight and hook blocking his throat - which meant he could not eat or drink.

Cobby, who was featured in Chad earlier this month when he was attacked by a dog at the Lawn, also had a test for lead poisoning.

Added Phil: “The test not only proved positive, but revealed he had a dangerously high dose of lead poisoning so we will have to bring him back into the sanctuary for a very expensive course of treatment. This will not cure him but alleviate some symptoms.”

Then, on Saturday, Wendy and Phil were called to one of Cobby’s cygnets which had a fishing line caught in his beak and wrapped around his neck.

Phil said: “We are fed up of having to clear up after careless fishermen who discard their dangerous unwanted items around lakes, ponds and rivers.

“I really don’t know how long Cobby and his family can safely live at Sutton - I hope that it is for many years to come.

“But Ashfield is going to have to buck its ideas up and respect the environment a lot more than it is doing.”

To make a donation of £1 to the Cedar Wildlife Sanctuary text the message CEDA22 £1 to 70070 or call 07808929300 or 07792475736.