Wife hacked into husband’s account for online shopping spree

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A WOMAN from Sutton who fraudulently used her estranged husband’s internet shopping account to buy nearly £2,000 of goods has been given a curfew order.

Emma Jennings, of Grosvenor Place, pleaded guilty to fraud when she appeared at Mansfield Magistrates Court.

Daniel Pietryka, prosecuting, said Jason Jennings went to his wife’s home to collect some mail and saw a note saying a parcel addressed to him had been delivered next-door.

He went to investigate and opened a small parcel with his name on it which had DVDs inside.

The items had been ordered from his Very.co.uk account but he knew nothing about them.

Mr Pietryka told the court Jennings made three fraudulent orders for goods including perfume, underwear and bedding.

Jennings (36) had access to her husband’s password and changed the email address on the account so he wouldn’t find out about the purchases.

The total cost of the three orders was just over £1,700 and a ‘pay later’ option was chosen.

Mr Pietryka said all the goods were recovered.

Emma Goodall, defending, conceeded some purchases were luxury items but said others were essential to help care for her son.

“This was clearly a case where Mrs Jennings has not thought through what she is doing and has not thought through the consequesnces,” Ms Goodall said.

“She is very remorseful and shocked about what has happened.”

District Judge Diane Baker sentenced Jennings to a two month curfew order from 8pm to 5am which will be electronically monitored.

Passing sentence Judge Baker said: “You’re a lady of good charater, not the sort of person we normally see before the court. But was is a serious fraud over a period of time.

“DVDs and perfume are not essential itmes.

“There was planning and a deliberate deceit so that the offences wouldn’t come back to you.”

Jennings was also ordered to pay £100 costs.