Why not have Yobs For The Blind?

I found the article in Chad about seeking good homes to provide temporary adoption for puppies that will ultimately be for training as guide dogs, most interesting. Such a laudable service and I’ve no doubt very rewarding for those taking part.

But why do we need to train up dogs to help guide the blind when we have thousands of young people out of employment? And our young offenders’ institutions are also bursting at the seams with young yobbos, too. So why not select some of these to train up to do the work of looking after the blind and disabled? Sort of Guide Yobs for the Blind (don’t forget your read it here first).

I mean, many of them are already house-trained - to a degree - and most of them can handle a tin-opener so should be able to feed themselves. All else they’d require is a bit of love and attention and a cosy basket in which to curl up in front of the fire until called upon. They could even watch television or play with their X-Box etc during down time.

Anthony W. Allsop,

Little Barn Lane, Mansfield.