Why I won’t use retail park again

I would like to send a warning to customers who park at St Peter’s Retail Park, Mansfield.

Unfortunately I ran over my alloted parking time by 15 minutes and was issued with a charge of £50 if paid within 14 days, after that it would rise to £85. I feel these prices are extortionate and I would like to warn other customers that as soon your vehicle passes the camera on the entrance you are timed until your vehicle passes the camera again upon exit.

If you find your time is running out, you have children/pushchairs/mobility aids to put in your car or you are in a queue to pay; you must leave immediately as even the smallest amount of time over means you will be hit with one of these shocking parking charges. Unfortunate ly these stores have now lost my custom, but the East Midlands Outlet will benefit from it. Please be aware when using this carpark.

Mrs B. Bramley,