Why aren’t others queueing up to develop old hospital site?

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I read with interest Coun Martin Lee’s column in Chad and the Labour Party proposal for Mansfield District Council to purchase the old General Hospital site and use it for business development.

If this site is such a bargain and prime for development, why aren’t business developers queuing up and the current owner leaping at the opportunity? There is no sign of this and it looks suspiciously like getting the council to buy a ‘pig in a poke’ just to look good and get a few votes.Coun Lee says that this, along with other things in a rather long list of things to do, is ‘affordable’, but then goes on to say that the money ‘has to be found from somewhere’.

Oh, so it’s not really affordable then?

Apparently the suggestion is that this could be paid for out of the pockets of their political opponents on the council or, by the good old cash-strapped taxpayer through council tax.

And that’s what it comes down to, of course, getting someone else, most likely the general public, to pay for some ill thought out venture that may, or may not, work. Doesn’t this smack, just a little, of the last Labour Government’s ‘investment ideas? (don’t mention PFI!)? Government, national or local, do not have a good track record of running business ventures.

That’s because it’s not really their job. Coun Lee ends up asking for ideas from readers in the district.

Really? Well here’s one.

If the Labour Party insist on trying to push this idea through and insist it’s such a good idea why don’t they invest in it themselves? After all, there are lots of Labour councillors and the party can obviously afford a two-page colour spread in Chad costing heavens knows how much for electioneering. How about putting their money where their mouth is, instead of ours?

John Barsby,

Berry Hill, Mansfield.