Why are there no toilets in our parks?

Reading the letter (about Berry Hill Park) from Mansfield Woman in last week’s Chad prompted me to write the letter I perhaps should have written when first moving to Mansfield from Arnold last year.

Mansfield has some beautiful parklands where families can spend their recreational time, but why have none of them got toilet facilities that are open to the public at least at weekends. When talking with other park users I know it is a shared concern. In our case visits to the park with our grandchildren have on occasions had to be quickly curtailed.

I appreciate the councils need to save money but very often such measures prove to be false economy by making a well maintained amenity unattractive to potential users.

I know that the parks in Arnold have public toilets together with a refreshment kiosk and seating resulting in a park that is a hive of activity throughout the year and used by people of all ages. I trust the council is listening and prepared to act to make such amenities fit for purpose.

Jim Bentley,

Forest Town.