Who fights for us?

WITH reference to Contact, the quarterly magazine for Mansfield District Council tenants, it says ‘the government changes to the welfare and tax system, could affect you if you claim benefits’.

I live in a two bedroom council property, am married, and in receipt of housing and council tax benefit. My interpretation, though I have yet to be informed, is that that these new changes will not affect me.

But, according to the article, I will have my housing benefit alone cut according by 14 per cent of the amount I pay every week. This will double my weekly rent contribution before the ‘norm’ annual rent increase of some eight per cent.

Are the senior citizens and others being ostracised and totally rejected by this dictatorial authoritative Government? Are we being classed as unfit for purpose in the eyes of an inefficient Cabinet who cannot keep their own housekeeping affairs in order?

Where are the elected representatives of the people? Toeing the party political line? Certainly, it appears they are not making strong representations to this Government.

James Sissons,

Ravensdale Road, Mansfield.

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