White Post Farm launches goat yoga classes and places sell out in hours

Polly with one of the large goats at the farm.
Polly with one of the large goats at the farm.

Do you want to get toned while having a pygmy goat on your back - then you will love a new type of yoga launched by a petting zoo which has over a hundred goats.

White Post Farm in Farnsfield has launched goat yoga classes - which were sold out within hours of its release.
Polly Wiltshire who is running the classes - united her love of yoga and goats to bring goat yoga to the district.
Yoga is a workout regime which helps improve flexibility and strength and goat yoga will put specially selected pygmy goats from the farm born in spring into the mix.
The 39-year-old who is an yoga instructor and has pet goats for the last nine years was inspired after seeing a video of the unusual yoga online before trying it out with her own goats.
Polly who said the classes will be family and child friendly said: “I am really excite about the classes - you never have an idea what the goats will do. Goat yoga is totally different, the goats are incredible cute and calming they help you switch off from the outside world. It is going to strengthen your body and there is a peacefulness about being around animals.”
Anthony Moore, 37, who works at the farm said more classes will be available in the future.
He said: “Our baby pygmy goats keep us on our toes. As well as the yoga you will be able to get a goat cuddle and selfie. My knees are going and I’ve been advised to do yoga - so goat yoga is definitely the type of yoga I want to do.”

The yoga will feature pygmy goats.

The yoga will feature pygmy goats.