‘When will the roadworks stop?’

The MARR has been affected by road works since April last year.
The MARR has been affected by road works since April last year.

Motorists have asked “when will the roadworks stop” after plans were revealed to turn the Mansfield and Ashfield Regeneration Route into a dual carriageway.

The A617 Sherwood Way, known as the MARR, is currently being resurfaced, while a roundabout has also been rebuilt, causing traffic delays since April last year.

These changes and others including improving skid resistance and upgrading roadside barriers along five kilometres of the route have cost the Department for Transport £5.5 million.

One reader David Homer said: “Hold on, millions has just been spent resurfacing it.”

Martyn Stone said: “So that will be closed for another six years then.”

Ben Bartholomew said: “By the time its finished it there will be no point, as everybody will already own flying cars.”

Nottinghamshire County Council, which supports the bid for dualling, said it would “improve road links from the M1 to the A617 Rainworth bypass, linking toward the A614 and surrounding areas and the A1 east of the county”.

However, Rebekah Doole, posting on your Chad’s Facebook page at facebook.com/mansfieldchad, said: “When will the roadworks stop?”

Other readers have been asking why it was not made a dual carriageway in the first place, having only opened in 2004.

Rob Allard said: “It should have been a dual carriageway from start.”

Another reader Neil Woolley was concerned about the impact it would make on the environment.

He asked: “What is the point?

“They’ll make it a 50mph speed limit just like the A38, so no overtaking.

“It will cost millions and just destroy some more green belt.”

Councillor Gordon Wheeler, county council communities and place committee vice-chairman, said: “The recent scheme to resurface and add new safety features to MARR was much needed – and I am sure will have been welcomed by users of the road.

“However, we need to look at longer-term measures to improve this very important corridor – more so with the exciting employment and housing plans coming forward with the Lindhurst development, bringing about £70m of investment.”