What our councillors should be doing

Councillors’ comments in the ‘Council workers festive bonus’ article (Chad, 12th Dec) read like a Thatcherite manifesto rather than the thoughts of a Lib Dem and an Independent. Coun Zadrozny calls £250 bonuses for Ashfield Council’s lowest paid staff ‘shameful’ ‘when everyone is struggling’, without acknowledging his own party’s role in central government’s vicious cuts to all but the wealthy. For him, plainly, we are not ‘all in it together’.

High public sector pay and gilt-edged pensions are myths and the Ashfield bonuses only apply to the lowest-paid staff. Meanwhile, the cabinet of millionaires in central government mock while announcing further savage cuts, punishing ordinary people for the greed of the casino bankers and the super-rich.

They must be rubbing their hands with glee thinking of workers turning on others by begrudging a small bonus to their low-paid colleagues - the 99 per cent of us who create the wealth. Coun Turner’s union-bashing comment about 1979 evokes memories of a previous government attacking the poorest in society, and destroying communities like Ashfield. Our councillors should be working at getting a living wage for all the district’s workers, public and private sector. They should be loudly rejecting austerity and standing up to central government. Doubtless many of us will remember their comments at election time.

John Moore,