What is agenda of Berry Hill Park trustees?

I have two children aged 15 and 12 who have been members of Mansfield Harriers Athletic Club for the past year.

During that time, the trustees of Berry Hill Park appear to have subjected the athletics club to a number of measures, which some may regard as extremely unreasonable.

This includes denying access to changing and toilet facilities, restricting parking facilities, turning off the lighting in the car park area during winter evenings and, most recently, informing the club, they can no longer have access to the facilities on a Thursday evening.

What is going on? What is the agenda of the trustees? We should be proud that we have hosted the Olympics and Paralympics this year and part of the legacy is surely to do all we can to encourage grassroots athletics?I find it shameful that people who should be supporting the local community seem hellbent on destroying the only athletics club in Mansfield.

Ricky Williams,

Normanton Drive, Mansfield.