What crimes have been happening in Mansfield?

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Latest new, 24 hours a day, at chad.co.uk

Here are the latest crimes reported across Mansfield.

The crimes cover the period from noon on Thursday, March 8, to noon on Thursday, March 15.


* In the early hours of Saturday morning the window of a car parked on Johnson Drive was smashed in an attempt to gain entry.

* Overnight on Tuesday a car parked on Ruby Way was entered and two small electrical items stolen, there was no sign of forced entry.

* A young white male wearing a hooded top was seen trying car door handles on King’s Walk in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

* A named offender smashed the window of a car on Murray Street after an argument – the offender was cautioned for the offence.


* On Monday a resident’s room in shared accommodation on Chesterfield Road South was broken into after the door was forced open. An Xbox and a mobile phone were stolen.

* car parked on George Street was broken into overnight on March 7. Offenders damaged the central locking system and entered through the boot. A black and red Maclaren pram was taken, along with some paperwork.

* Two vehicles parked outside an address on Abbot Road were vandalised overnight on Thursday 8th. The vehicles were deliberately scratched.


* The registration plates were stolen from a car parked on Newgate Lane at an exact time and date unknown.

* Overnight on Monday, a car parked on Eddery View was entered and a gym bag containing gym equipment and headphones was stolen. There was no sign of forced entry.


* On Monday afternoon a resident’s CCTV showed a blue van parked outside an address on Walnut Tree Crescent. A male and a female then left the van and tried to access the house by the front and the back doors, which were locked, they also tried the door of the garage which was also locked. They left when challenged by a neighbour. The van returned later that afternoon and two males and a female again tried to access the house, when challenged by the homeowner they claimed that they had been told he was selling a washing machine, which is not the case. All the offenders were white, one male about 50 years, one male about 40 years and a female aged about 22 years. The female has shoulder length red hair.

* An electrical sub-station on the Crown Farm industrial estate was broken into after offenders cut off a number of locks. There was an attempt to steal copper from inside. The unit was left in a dangerous state and power was lost to the immediate area.


* Overnight on Saturday a car parked on Eagle Way was entered and a search made, nothing was taken. There was no sign of forced entry. Another car on Eagle Way was also entered on the same night, again without forced entry. In this incident CCTV shows a white male wearing a black coat and grey tracksuit bottoms going into the vehicle.

* In the early hours of Sunday morning a car parked on Goldcrest Road was entered and a small amount of loose change stolen. There was no sign of forced entry. CCTV showed a male wearing a hooded coat entering the vehicle.

* On Monday evening, a car parked on St Leonard’s Way was entered and the dash cam stolen along with some loose change. There was no sign of forced entry. On the same night another car parked on Saint Leonard’s Way was entered, again with no sign of forced entry, and a small amount of cash taken.


* Overnight on Wednesday, the garage of a house on The Gillies was broken into and a mountain bike stolen.


* A car parked on Willoughby Court was scratched along one side overnight on Saturday.


* Over the weekend, the pavilion on the Booth Crescent recreation ground was broken into. The inside of the building, including some windows, was damaged and property stolen, including a radiator and a kettle.


* On Wednesday afternoon cash was taken from a resident’s room in shared accommodation on Commercial Gate, the door had been left unlocked.

* In the early hours of Sunday morning, a brick was thrown through the window of a business on the Acorn business park. Entry was gained but it is not known what was stolen.

* A car parked on Garth Road was damaged overnight on 7th March when offenders drilled a hole in the petrol tank and stole the fuel.


* A rented vehicle was stolen this week from Newcastle Street at an exact time and date not known.

* Two young males were playing football on Yorke Street on Monday afternoon when the ball caused damage to a parked car. The boys then verbally abused the owner of the vehicle.


* In the early hours of Saturday morning, an attempt was made to break in to a shop on Stockwell Gate. CCTV shows a white teenage male offender using a screwdriver against the door locks, causing damage.

* The sidelight was stolen from a van parked in a car park on Walkden Street on Monday night.


* A black Audi A5 was stolen from a car park on High Street on Saturday night. The vehicle was found and recovered on Monday.

* Overnight on Monday a grey Ford Focus was stolen from Ridgeway Lane.

* The battery was stolen from a motorhome parked on Church Street on the afternoon of Thursday 8th. The battery is accessible from the outside of the vehicle.

Anyone with information about any of these incidents is asked to call Nottinghamshire Police on 101, or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.