What are you doing to stop care cuts?

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Following the announcement that Notts County Council is to continue to cut services as directed by Central Government, we at Mansfield Save Our Services would like to ask where Mansfield Labour Party stand with regards to these latest cuts to services county-wise.

Major concerns have been raised regarding the contracting of home care services for Notts County Council.

We are now aware that smaller firms are to be priced out of the tendering process and only larger firms with an annual takeover of £4.5 million will be considered.

Notts County Council deny that this is part of their cost cutting budget on behalf of central Government however we will see that many smaller providers are eliminated from the tendering process and that current staff will be TUPE (Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) over to the winning contractors including local authority homecare staff employed by Notts County Council itself.

Yet another local authority service is being decimated by Notts County Council as it has decimated care homes, day services and respite care services. What are Mansfield Labour Party doing to prevent cuts to services for vulnerable people and job losses within our district?

J. Turner

Mansfield Save Our Services