Wet fuel: Weighty problem

Through your columns may I bring to the attention of your readers the problem of wet fuel (ANCIT) .

I am entitled to 3.9 tons as a householder and former N.C.B. worker.

However there is no way I am getting this because of water content.

The water is running out of it when it is delivered and on the fire the water bubbles out. They are glowing with water and I dare not close the doors until they are dried out. This can take half an hour.

If I close the doors too soon the water runs down the inside of the glass and the streaks take some shifting.

Now I’m informed that Health & Safety says that this fuel must be wet to comply with dust safety levels.

I told them that there is a difference between dust suppression and saturation.

I have also been on to my old union N.A.C.O.D.S.

A coal merchant told me that here is more tonnage coming out of that yard than ever goes into it.

The only way that can be is excessive water content!

Over the year I buy 2 to 2½ tons of Ancit over and above my 3.9 tons.

This stuff cost £250 for 10 bags so you can see why I am concerned.

It was not always like that, wet I mean.

Ten bags filled my coal box to the top but now I can get another bag and a half in it.

Do any other ex-miners have the same concerns? Something must be done!

Andy Hall