Well done, PAIN

CONGRATULATIONS to the people of ‘PAIN’ who never lost their nerve over the proposed incinerator build at Rainworth. If people were to question every planning application they think might affect their quality of life, then they also might come together as a community and be a force to be reckoned with, as they were. That is what the Sustainable Communities Act is all about and why it’s passage through Parliament was hindered by so many, influenced no doubt by the lobbying and agendas of big business and opportunistic developers.

Now there is the planning application for housing development on the former Sherwood Colliery site to be aware of and look at the consequences of that. Ninety houses are proposed and the local council’s affordable housing regulations require just 18 as a boost to their social housing shortfall. So the questions to ask are- Who locally can afford to buy one of the other executive homes? Who will decide what rent should be for the remaining 18 and how will they be presented in the new development? Will they be integrated here and there or will they become a mini ghetto in case the tenants somehow contaminate other properties and affect the ‘re sell’ opportunities? As Coun Julia Yem said ‘Planning permission should not be given until local residents are happy’

Whatever does become of the site, will there be a visible acknowledgement of i’s original use because it was a colliery which provided a living for miners and their families over many years and local businesses thrived because of them.

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