Wedding dress shop boost for brave Mansfield dad

Pictured from left is Chris Kenzie and Sandra Marshall out side of the shop.
Pictured from left is Chris Kenzie and Sandra Marshall out side of the shop.

A wedding dress is meant to be the most important dress a girl can ever buy.

So imagine finding your perfect dress, which is discounted and will also help save the life of a 35-year-old father.

Jack with his daughter Ellie.

Jack with his daughter Ellie.

That is what Sandra Marshall is offering.

The 65-year-old currently has 80 donated dresses to sell to raise funds for her son Jack Sanders, who has an ‘inoperable brain tumour’, to get much needed treatment abroad.

The dad of one was diagnosed with a brain tumour five years ago.

Jack, of Abbotts Croft, Mansfield, has visited Germany three times to receive treatment so far but requires more treatment.

His mum has said: “Treatment is going well.

“I wish I could take the tumour out of his brain and put it into mine.”

Sandra has been gifted a shop in the centre on Mansfield for a full week to help sell the new or ex-display donated wedding dresses, which will be sold for just £199 each.

She said she wanted Jack to see his 10-year-old daughter Ellie grow up.

She said: “Treatment in Germany is very tiring and expensive but it has to be done.

“We are really relying on these brides. They are helping to save his life so he can see his little girl be a bride herself.”

Sandra of Chesterfield Road North, Mansfield said she is now donating her wedding dresses from her first and second wedding.

The dresses, which Sandra plans to sell for hundreds of pounds, are thought to be worth thousands.

The 35-year-old’s family are now trying to raise £30,000 for treatment abroad, after raising £40,000 for him already. She said: “People keep giving us more dresses.

“I am quite excited we have the shop for a whole week. “I can’t tell you how much it means to me that people come and have a look.

“Everyone who has seen them has said they are beautiful gowns. Brides getting a bargain makes me happy for her and also happy for my son.”

The gowns will be sold at 30-32 Regent Street, Mansfield starting Monday, April 2.

Sandra previously held a pop-up shop in Idlewells, Sutton, which went down a treat.

Nikki Rolls at the Mansfield Bid helped Sandra get the shop for free by contacting owners of vacant shops said she is “keen to endorse opportunities like this one where possible.”

She said: “It shows how much support there is in the community.”

Sandra said: “It is very kind of them to give us the shop, I am extremely grateful.”

The future is looking hopeful for Jack as they have found an Australia doctor who operates on inoperable tumours.

Sandra said: “We are sending him Jack’s latest scan, but it will be obviously very expensive, so we are waiting to hear his opinion.” The shop will be open Monday, April, 2, till Sunday, April, 8.

On Monday and Sunday the shop will be open 10am till 4pm and open 9am till 5pm on other days.