Website lifts the lid on married people seeking affairs in Mansfield area

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More than 682 married people in Mansfield and 1056 people in Kirkby are seeking affairs on an Internet dating site.

The figures were released today by, the UK’s largest married dating site and shows the number of people having affairs in every area in the UK.

And Mansfield is ranked 52nd most adulterous town in the UK, according to the interactive website–, with .88 per cent of the population joining,

Beeston is the most unfaithful with 2.54% of the population of the town having an affair.

Claire Page of said: “It’s no wonder the traffic to the site is so high.

“People are dying to see how many people are having an affair on their street, village or town - who wouldn’t want to know if they live in a cheating hotspot?”

Thousands of people are checking the Illicit Index to see how many people in their area are having affairs.

She added: “I think it’s great that Beeston is the most unfaithful town of 2015. People think you’d get more life in a graveyard than in Beeston but the Illicit Index proves one thing: it’s always the quiet ones!”

Psychologist Lucy Redford said: “There are many reasons people have affairs in small towns like Beeston – feelings of frustration, isolation and loneliness can be contributing factors as well as the limited options in marriage.” “Discretion is usually the main priority in extra-marital affairs.

“If secrecy wasn’t important, the individual would seek a divorce before an affair.

“Often when passion has left a relationship, but people don’t want to fracture their home status or disrupt a family unit, and they’re not willing to compromise their sex lives, an affair becomes tempting for their situation.”

To see the 2015 rankings visit

According to the site here are the numbers of members seeking affairs in our area:

Mansfield 682, Kirkby 1056, Arnold 1390, Hucknall 516, Market Warsop 319, Southwell 98, West Bridgford 1219, Beeston 941, Newark-on-Trent 823, Eastwood 806, Long Eaton 746, Grantham 703, Carlton 646, Mansfield Woodhouse 638, Sleaford 617.