WEB POLL: Stags chairman confirms Rainworth switch plan

NMAC11-2635-4'Rainworth Miners Welfare ground
NMAC11-2635-4'Rainworth Miners Welfare ground
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MANSFIELD Town chairman John Radford today confirmed his Plan B would be a move to Rainworth Miners Welfare’s Kirklington Road ground if they are unable to win their legal battle for Field Mill with landlord Keith Haslam in time to be promoted.

Stags are having a good season on the field but, were they to go up, need a 10-year lease on the ground to be admitted into the Football League by March.

The club’s legal action with Haslam, challenging the legality of his ownership of the ground, continues to drag on and, after a confusing week which began with Mr Radford announcing the club may move to ‘a newly-built stadium’, his statement was later retracted and on Tuesday Stags’ CEO Carolyn Still emphasised the club wanted to stay at Field Mill.

But Mr Radford insisted there was still a Plan B and in today’s match programme, he said: “Following on from last week’s column, and for purposes of clarification, allow me to clarify Plans A & B.

“Plan A is to keep Field Mill and whilst the court case is outstanding, we will continue to play here – have no fear of that.

“Now on to Plan B. Rules and regulations dictate that we have to tick various boxes in order to be promoted. With the helpful assistance of Rainworth Miners’ Welfare– which would be the least costly alternative venue in the conurbation of Mansfield– we will be able to achieve that.

“Kirklington Road, Rainworth’s ground, currently has a capacity of just over 2,000, however league rules stipulate a minimum of 4,000, which can be easily done.

“At the current time, Rainworth’s ground has 250 seats. 500 are required for promotion. Again – this is easily achievable within the time frame.

“There is a large overflow car park which can easily be resurfaced. Floodlights will need upgrading, but once more, this can be done with minimum fuss.

“The manager, Paul Cox, seems to be guiding the team towards a respectable position in the league. Whilst he continues to steer the players in the right direction on the pitch, we will ensure that we have everything in place to be in a position to allow us to be promoted.

“I must place on my record my thanks to Les Lee and all the committee at Rainworth Miners Welfare for their help.”