Hour-by-hour forecast for Mansfield as Storm Gareth brings 55mph winds

Storm Gareth is heading to the UK, bringing winds of up to 55mph to Nottinghamshire.

The Met Office has issued a yellow warning for wind from 9pm tomorrow (Tuesday) until 3pm on Wednesday.

Storm Gareth is set to bring 55mph winds to Nottinghamshire

Storm Gareth is set to bring 55mph winds to Nottinghamshire

Named Storm Gareth by Met Eireann, a deep area of low pressure is set to cross to the north of the UK late on Tuesday into Wednesday.

It will bring strong north-westerly winds as well as heavy rain in some parts of the UK.

The Met Office warning states there could probably be some bus and train services affected, with some journeys taking longer; delays for high-sided vehicles on exposed routes and bridges are likely and that some short term loss of power and other services is possible.

Here's the current hour-by-hour forecast for Mansfield, from the Met Office


1am - heavy rain, 40mph gusts

2am - light rain, 40mph gusts

3am - light rain, 44mph gusts

4am - light rain, 46mph gusts

5am - light rain, 45mph gusts

6am - heavy rain, 44mph gusts

7am - heavy rain, 43mph gusts

8am - heavy rain, 37mph gusts

9am - heavy rain, 23mph gusts

10am - heavy rain, 22mph gusts

11am - heavy rain, 19mph gusts

12noon - light rain, 18mph gusts

1pm - light rain, 20mph gusts

2pm - light rain, 22mph gusts

3pm - heavy showers, 24mph gusts

4pm - light showers, 26mph gusts

5pm - sun, 28mph gusts

6pm - clear, 31mph gusts

7pm - clear, 36mph gusts

8pm - cloudy, 38mph gusts

9pm - cloudy, 38mph gusts

10pm - cloudy, 42mph gusts

11pm - cloudy, 43mph gusts


12am-3am - cloudy, 46mph gusts

3am-6am - heavy rain, 47mph gusts

6am-9am - heavy shower, 46mph gusts

9am-12noon - light rain, 48mph gusts

12noon-3pm - cloudy, 51mph gusts

3pm-6pm - sunny intervals, 48mph gusts

6pm-9pm - partly cloudy, 38mph gusts

9pm- midnight -cloudy, 30mph gusts