We will fight on

Campaigners fighting plans for thousands of new homes that they say will destroy countryside and obliterate existing villages in the Hucknall area have vowed to continue their struggle.

And they are urging local residents to join their campaign, by sending letters of objection to the authorities involved.

The Brownfield First Action Group is opposed to the building of new homes on land to the north of Papplewick Lane and at the Top Wighay site.

Towards the end of last year, an independent planning inspector looked into Gedling’s proposals, with a conclusion awaited sometime in the New Year.

Five days before Christmas, Gedling Borough Council’s Cabinet agreed a response to the inspector regarding two other sites in its area, namely Gedling Colliery and Teal Close in Netherfield.

The council said: “Since submission of the council’s Aligned Core Strategy, things have moved on considerably with these two sites and the planning inspector has asked the council to reflect this in its proposed distribution of housing in order to reduce housing numbers in the vicinity of Hucknall and some other rural areas.

“The council is putting forward a proposal to include a further 430 properties at Teal Close and 600 properties at Gedling Colliery meaning that housing numbers at Calverton, Ravenshead, and Bestwood will be reduced.”

Also at the end of last year, the Co-op, which owns some of the farmland behind Papplewick Lane, submitted a planning application to demolish houses on Papplewick Lane, widen the lane, create an access road and get outline permission to build 300 houses, school annexe, open space, recreation area and drainage ponds on the site.

Roberta Norris, a local resident and campaigner, said: “The pressure and the inspector’s concerns and direction have at least meant Gedling have finally agreed to recommend amendments to include Gedling Colliery and Teal Close in their proposals.

“This all makes no difference to the objections to the land north of Papplewick Lane site being brought forward and the impact on the Ashfield infrastructure.

“So resistance to the overall proposals regarding Papplewick Lane and Top Wighay will continue. At the moment though we have to concentrate on making objections to the actual planning application the Co-op has put in. I am working on objections and, as previously, liaising with Linby and Papplewick parish councils. There is still time for residents to object.”

For more about the proposals, visit www.gedling.gov.uk and for information on the Brownfield First Action Group, visit www.linby.org.uk