‘We’re all so proud of Becky’s medals’

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I don’t know about anyone else but I cried an Olympic-sized pool of tears when our Becky failed to win gold in her swimming finals.

After such a disappointing display she had to steel herself to fight back tears to pick up the bronze medal and congratulate her victor.

That’s an image that will stay with me for a long time.

What went wrong? Did we put too much pressure on her to repeat her success of four years ago? I hear she has recently moved to stay in Nottingham to be near her training pool, did she miss her family who have been so supportive to her? It begs the question: why should Nottingham have the best facilities?

Talking about our swimming facilities I am at a loss to know why our flagship pool, the Water Meadows, was not named after Rebecca Adlington. After all she is unquestionably the most famous sports person in the history of Mansfield.

With due respect to Sherwood Colliery swimming baths, it is a small pool hidden away in the back streets of Mansfield not befitting our world record/Olympic gold medal holder.

Looking at how we welcome Becky back to Mansfield I don’t think a repeat of that open bus parade would be a good idea would it? After all she might well think there is little to celebrate. I think we should hold a welcome home concert in one of our parks in her honour. It would give those of us who have never actually met Becky the chance to say ‘hello’. I don’t think Mansfielders would object to paying a small admisssion charge to help cover the costs either. One thing we must not do is to ever forget her achievements. Thank you Becky for making us so proud.


Berry Hill Lane, Mansfield.

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