We need to keep Teversal Green

Chris Woods, owner of the Teversal Camping and Caravanning Club site, needs his head examining if he seriously thinks that Teversal is a nice place to live ‘only because of development’ ( Chad, 31st October). Teversal is a nice place to live - or visit - because of its now predominantly rural or ‘green field’ character.

If Mr Woods, who chose to come here from the over-crowded South-East only a few years ago, takes a year-long poll of the visitors to his site on the proposal to build 30 new houses on Silverhill Lane, I can predict how his visitors will vote by overwhelming majority - for his site to remain surrounded on all sides by green fields and greening reclaimed land rather than, as he is trumpeting, be approached via an intrusive new housing estate greedily guzzling a greenfield.

Adrian Woodhouse,

Silverhill Cotages, Teversal.