We need to attract business says Stan

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Seven people are set to lose their jobs when Ollerton budget grocery store Farmfoods closes its doors for the last time on 20th October.

Many residents are laying the blame for the shop’s imminent closure at the feet of the Asda store next door and worry that smaller and cheaper retailers are being pushed out by larger operations.

But Stan Crawford, Newark and Sherwood District Councillor for Ollerton, says such fears are outweighed by the need to keep units in the town occupied and doing business.

Said Stan: “The loss of any facilities in the town is sad and Farmfoods has served the community well - I am genuinely sad to see it go.

“But what we need to do as a town is work with retailers and others to make sure that a facility does not stay empty.

“As far as I understand Farmfoods’ lease was up for renewal and they have not been able to do so. But Asda wants to expand.”

Coun Crawford said he could see no evidence on the high street of smaller retailers being forced out by larger ones.

“I think we have a good mix of shops but there are things we need like clothes and shoe shops.

“There are things that the town and district councils are working on to attract businesses into the town.”

Shoppers at Ollerton’s Farmfoods were sad to see the store go.

Sharon Blackburn (53), of Main Road, Boughton, said: “I do not want it to shut - it is really good stuff and there are some really good deals.”

Stacey Brown, of Whitewater Road, Ollerton, said: “It is rubbish that it is closing - it is really good for bread and milk and frozen stuff.”

Farmfoods declined to comment and Asda was unavailable for comment as Chad went to press yesterday evening.