‘We need improved park facilities too’

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Teenagers in the west of Hucknall say they are missing out on facilities that the rest of the town are benefiting from.

Residents and youngsters from the Nabbs Lane area of the town are delighted with their new improved park complete with BMX track and football area.

But questions are being asked of why this park got all the funding whilst Washdyke Lane recreation ground got nothing.

“It seems there is an imblance in funding,” said Ruth Atkins who has run the corner shop, Pears on Washdyke Lane, for four years.

“I live near Nabbs Lane and think the facility is fabulous but why wasn’t the money divided between the two parks so more kids could benefit?

“This part of Hucknall is forgotten about as it is out on a limb,” added Ruth who has three teenage children. “There are a lot of issues in this area and people complain about teenagers causing a nuisance but there is nowhere for them to go or things to do.”

A group of teenagers from nearby National Academy were spending their lunchtime at the park on Washdyke Lane on Tuesday and expressed their hopes for improvements too.

“It would be great if we could have some youth shelters and seating areas spread through the rec,” said Jess Hutson, 16, of Wood Lane. “We need somewhere where we can meet our mates and stay dry when it is raining.”

“We’d love one of those big basket swings and maybe some challenging obstacles suitable for our age range too or maybe some outdoor gym equipment I have seen elsewhere,” added Harriet Spencer, also 16.

Nottinghamshire county councillor Alice Grice said the park at Nabbs Lane had received funding through the Local Improvement Scheme.

“Residents in the Washdyke Lane area will need to form a community group in order to apply for funding through the same scheme,” explained Coun Grice. “It is up to the residents to make the changes but the park has come a long way in four years.”