We HAVE consulted over skate park plan

Jubilee Park, Edwinstowe G130906-6c
Jubilee Park, Edwinstowe G130906-6c

In response to your article on the Edwinstowe Skate Park (Wednesday 9 October) I feel I need to answer some of the assertions made.

Extensive consultation was undertaken by the Parish Council and I feel the spokesperson referred to in the article is being disingenuous when complaining about a lack of consultation. Our website, www.edwinstowe.co.uk has the results of the consultation, the questions asked and the responses made. The consultation events were attended by 322 residents of Edwinstowe, 137 completed comments sheets, 110 of which were positive. All residents of Friar’s Park had a leaflet advertising the consultation events delivered through their letterboxes. In addition the events were advertised on the Parish Council website, and every child at both Primary Schools in Edwinstowe was given a leaflet. Everyone who asked for a copy of the report resulting from the consultations had one delivered to their door.

Residents of Friar’s Park were also represented at the Parish Council meetings in May, June and July. The minutes of these meetings are also available on the Parish Council website. There was also a meeting on 27 August, again attended by residents of Friar’s Park. At this meeting the designer of the skate park and another County Council Officer answered technical questions raised. The Parish Council consider this to be “extensive notice, communication and consultation”. No date has been confirmed for work to start on the skate park and the Parish Council should receive the results of the noise assessment and the final plans next week.

Councillor Celia Brooks

Chair of Edwinstowe Parish Council