We do fight for King’s Mill Hospital

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I must rectify some of the assumptions made by Coun Garner in his letter (Chad, 7th Nov). He implies that the Labour group on the (district) council appear not to be concerned about the problems at King’s Mill Hospital and want it put on the back burner.

This is totally untrue; some of our members and our MP Sir Alan Meale are working with our colleagues from Ashfield in an effort to resolve this problem. Coun Garner would have been told this had he asked. He is correct; we did amend his motion to write to the Prime Minister, because after careful consideration the Labour group believed that by requesting our MP to contact the group dealing with the problem, we stood a better chance of our concerns being heard.

It is the easiest thing in the world to be wise after the event, a thing that Coun Garner seems good at. When the PFI (Private Finance Initiative) was signed it was done in good faith and with the facts that were known at the time.

The people of Mansfield were desperate for and deserved a new hospital. PFI was the only way it could be funded, and looking back through copies of the Chad I found no reservations about the PFI contract from Coun Garner or anyone else at the time. What the people responsible for signing the contract weren’t aware of was that there would be a worldwide economic crisis and that we would end up with a coalition government (who Coun Garner supports) that is slashing funding to the NHS.

When you get to my age, over 65, you tend to see the inside of a hospital on a regular basis and I would rather have the building we have now than the old World War 2 corridors we used to inhabit. Perhaps Coun Garner thinks differently? Should he wish to write to the Prime Minister I wish him luck.

Coun John Smart

Labour councillor