WATCH: Pedestrians baffled by builders' blunder in Notts town

People in Warsop are livid with a 'dangerous' and 'ridiculous' new bus stop which is forcing elderly and disabled people to take their chances with traffic.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 8th March 2016, 3:05 pm
Updated Tuesday, 8th March 2016, 5:06 pm

The new bus stop in Burns Lane, believed to be a blunder by contractors, is leaving some scratching their heads, and others walking in the road to avoid the 'tight squeeze'.

Parents with prams can narrowly get through, and people passing in wheelchairs and mobility scooters are forced onto the road to get around, 'risking their lives', and attracting dozens of council complaints.

Warsop residents say the new bus shelter appeared yesterday (Monday, March 7) as a replacement, but builders failed to replace it on the same spot, leaving anyone queuing for the bus huddled tight up against a brick wall and only a shoulder's width for passers-by to squeeze through.

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But for elderly people and those with disabilities who may use a wheelchair or a mobility scooter, there isn't enough room to get through at all - which one woman branded as 'ridiculous'.

Mum Kerry Wraith said: "It's on the route to two schools, so it's making it very dangerous as people are having to walk around onto the road to get past it with children. It's ridiculous."

Diane Humphries of Warsop had a difficult time passing the bus stop in her mobility scooter, while on her way home from the shops. Another elderly gentleman was forced to risk injury and pass on the road because his scooted was too wide to get through the gap, roughly two feet wide.

Diane said: "They only put up yesterday and i couldn't get by at all so I don't know what other people are going to do."

And as the 71-year-old tried to get past the bus stop on her way home from shopping at Boyes, she struggled to squeeze through the small gap.

She was apprehensive as she tried to get past: "There's no way I'm getting through there," she said. And it was only with great patience she was able to maneouvre the tight squeeze towards open pavement on the other side.

Another resident who had a wider mobility scooter couldn't gt through at all.

He said: "You can't get past. It's terrible, I've had to come up the road. They've put it in the wrong place. Where it used to be, we never had no problem before."

A local Mum, Jodie, also said she was baffled when she first saw the new bus stop: "I was bringing my son to school and there was three or four people, you have to push backwards and forwards, it's just an awkward situation, especially for disabled people," she said.

Lisa Wilkes suggested: "Why didn't they build it the other way round, facing the wall?"

Warsop Mum, Sallie lamb, said on Facebook: "I have a double pushchair and every time i go into Warsop I struggle. So I guess those that have babies in double pushchairs, people in wheelchairs, and on mobility scooters now have to put their lives at risk and walk on the road!"

Eilean Nuthall, a pessenger waiting for her bus at the Burns Lane stop, said: "It's a bit silly but it's nice for the elderly to have somewhere to sit."