WATCH: Heartwarming moment Notts police officer plays piano to comfort 93-year-old theft victim

A PCSO helped comfort a 93-year-old man victim of theft by playing him a tune on the piano.

The police visited him on Thursday, January 18, to check on him to make sure he was okay and PCSO Craig Bull took a seat at the piano to play him a tune.

A video has been posted on the Mansfield Police Facebook page.

The post said: “Following a theft revisit today for a 93-year-old gentleman, it truly made me feel good about myself and the job I do.

“He felt wanted and reassured. He was really pleased that we had checked in on him to see that he was okay.

“He shared stories about him ‘getting his wings’, being a pilot, the war and sadly the loss of his beloved wife on Christmas Eve a few years ago.

“I noticed he had a piano with music open - one of his favourite Chopin pieces he said, a nocturne.

“I told him it was my late grandma’s favourite too!

“I said I could play, so he invited me to play for him, which I did. It made his day, as you can see in the video you can see how much he appreciated it. Job satisfaction.”