Warsop to get a ‘mayoral commission’

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Mansfield Mayor Kate Allsop has has today announced that she is setting up a special mayoral commission to look into ways in which Warsop can be developed.

The commission will address issues including housing, roads, leisure, health, bus services and economic regeneration.

Support for local businesses and employment are also on the Mayor’s agenda.

The mayoral commission will begin its work immediately after the County Council elections on May 4.

Mayor Allsop said: “I want the commission to be independent and unfettered by historical baggage and look at all things Warsop with a fresh and out of the box approach”.

“The first order of business will be to agree the terms of reference for the commissions work. In this regard I invite anyone living in Warsop to put forward suggestions for the commission to consider.”

She added that the the commission will be non-political in its approach and invitees will be required to leave their political interests outside its workings.

It will be supported by a small voluntary group with no direct officer involvement from Mansfield District or Notts County Councils.

Mayor Allsop will be extending direct personal invitations to key local participants, amongst them the four Mansfield District councillors who serve Warsop and also the new county councillor who will be elected on May 4. She will be joined on the Commission by the Deputy Mayor, Mick Barton and MDC’s Portfolio Holder for Regeneration, Councillor. Dave Saunders.

Others who are likely to be invited to join the Commission are Mansfield’s MP, Sir Alan Meale, along with a representative from Warsop Parish Council, Notts Police, Fire Service, health, local church and education leaders. The business and voluntary community will also be invited. Mayor Allsop also expects to meet with young people from Warsop during the period that that the Commission is carrying out its work.

he Commission is expected to meet every two months and a final report to be produced by the end of 2018. Those invited will be required to make a definite commitment to attend the regular meetings, demonstrating their interest and support for Warsop.

The final Report of the commission will be presented to Mansfield District Council and Nottingham District Council and County Council at the end of 2018 with recommendations for both local authorities to consider taking into account in their 2019/20 budget planning.