WARSOP: Sherwood School’s stage surprise

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Children at Warsop’s Sherwood Junior School were left ‘gobsmacked’ to find a new outdoor stage had been built in their absence during the Christmas holidays.

The wooden construction was erected over three days by four members of the Rotary Club of Warsop, Shirebrook and District - Arty Parkin, Steve Lunn, Ted Smith and Peter Hopkins.

The rotary club also put up £700 towards the costs for the project, which forms part of a plan to redevelop an old nature reserve into an outdoor teaching area.

Once completed it will include benches, a storytelling chair and a dance and performance area used to improve pupils’ speaking and listening skills.

“It’s absolutely fabulous and the rotary club have done an absolutely cracking job for which all the pupils and staff would like to offer their sincere thanks,” said headteacher Helen Duffy.

“Although one or two children had seen the building work going on and wondered what it was, most of them were completely unaware until their first day back on Monday morning.

“I took them out to show them and they were all saying ‘wow’ and ‘this is brilliant’; they were gobsmacked. They wanted to have a go straight away, but we’ll have to wait for dryer weather.”

After Mrs Duffy approached the rotary club with her idea, they were instantly impressed by the concept and only too delighted to get involved.

Mr Smith said: “We were hoping to finish the stage over two days, but it actually took three days because of the weather - we had to wait for the rain to stop!

“We’re very pleased with how it has come out and hope the children at the school spend many happy hours using it.

“Hopefully by contributing financially too it will allow the school to purchase other items to complete the overall project.”