Warsop plans took too long

REGARDING Clumber Street in Warsop; one way, yes, but all of it, not half of it.

That means from Sherwood Street to Mansfield Road. That would eliminate two or three problems that street has presented for years, such as being able to pull on to it from Sherwood Street easily instead of edging round someone trying to get out.

Then at the other end, where the blind corner is, you will be able to go round safely without being cut up and then emerge onto the A60.

Similar to the High Street conversion, the road is already there. The expensive part of the High Street exercise was the laying of the new stretch of road and traffic lights installed - something new for Warsop. But this project did cut down a big percentage of traffic coming through our main street, so it was money well spent.

The fact of wanting Clumber Street one way, or only part of it, points to misinformed bodies dealing with the case.

Having lived and driven around here all my life I know what you encounter when venturing onto Clumber Street. Are the aforementioned ideas too complicated to consider, or is the Council going to succeed with another job only half done?


Ridgeway Lane,

Market Warsop.

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